The Unspoken Code Amongst Realtors

In this video, Patrick Bet-David gives his biggest piece of advice on how to deal with realtors when looking to buy or lease real estate Subscribe for weekly videos

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  1. As a licensed realtor I practice a win win model! Yes I want my buyers to win however in a competitive market some compromises may have to be made on the buyers side which I don’t have an issue relaying to the buyers of course! There are however a few agents I’ve done repeated business with who, if I throw an offer at them, I’ll tell them “throw me a bone bro”! Every agent has their fiduciary duties of course!

    Great video Pat, I’m a huge fan of valuetainment & owe a hug portion of my success to your vids!

  2. Personally if I can get the house for the best price for my buyer clients then I am doing my job. If I am selling my clients house for the most money then I am doing my job. It’s important to understand that in every industry/market, there are going to be bad apples. A professional will use their relationships to help their clients.

  3. Attorneys make deals with each other with out you the victim knowing, it happened to me in Los Angels but these fools didn’t know I know. They’ll get there’s too all comes around in life especially on land that isn’t yours

  4. Our policy is to never influence price for a buyer or a seller. Doing so opens you up to a lot of liability. A true transaction broker’s job is to bring a buyer and seller together and work to archive both of their goals.

  5. Patrick I understand your bias but you are fundamentally incorrect with your assumptions of how realtors interact with each other borderline making an accusation of collusion systemically.

  6. That's great advice Patrick. Unless, of course – like most of us schlubs – the only time we have occasion to interact professionally with realtors is when buying a house – maybe once or twice in a lifetime.

  7. Patrick, that is an over-simplification. I have been a real estate agent since 2006. It is unethical and disloyal to team up with another realtor to get the most money out of the deal without considering the client to whom we each have a fiduciary duty to be their personal super star, not the interest of anyone else's pocketbook, including our own! Have I known agents who are unethical, yes, but they burn eventually themselves by their own behavior and their reputations precede them. Thank you for opening up dialogue about this topic and the many other conversations you bring to the table. Best Regards and Highest Respect, Mary Adams

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