The US Real Estate Bubble

Where are we at with residential home prices? Are home prices headed higher? Are rent prices going to drop? Ken breaks it all down by reviewing three components of what is driving the market and makes some predictions on the trends going forward.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰:
0:00 Introduction – 3 Market Components
0:34 Historic Homeownership v Rental
2:06 Population Growth
2:32 New Construction
3:14 The Market going forward Predictions & Trends

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  1. Obviously Ken is a democrat blaming Bush for the 2000 housing collapse leaving out the fact that the housing collapse was already set in motion well before bush ever took office by the clinton administration. You do remember the Barney Frank initiative don't you Ken??? I remember clearly Frank ranting and raving about how the big bad greedy republicans were keeping low income families from owning homes and remember clearly when Clinton relaxed the lending regulation on government guaranteed loan programs and I remember clearly when Clinton retired banks to make 50% of their loan under these new guide lines or the banks couldn't participate, so while Bush may have perpetuated the situation, he certainly didn't start it Ken and your own chart i your video shows just that

  2. Blah blah blah. Here In Houston area they built houses like never before for last couple years on all empty spots were available and still keep building them . What shortage you talking about

  3. I have been thinking of buying a multi family building in WA. With the rates on the rise and fed tightening, stock marketing declining, should I wait?

  4. There is always a shortage of homes during a housing bubble. The same thing was true in 2008. Then suddenly there were empty homes everywhere.

  5. The market crash prediction has been going for months now, imagine if you've invested heavy then. The truth is no one actually knows if the crash is gonna happen. some said it will happen immediately after the election, hello we're done with the election now. You just have to invest smartly . I'm glad it worked for me with the help of an investment advisor, I recently added my $35k profits to my portfolio.

  6. Every Investment concept about RE being the best / long-term stock investing is correct… But how do you tell the difference between Elite's using there influence to swing gullible people's opinions just enough to secure there bag!

    Answer: Do it for yourself as much as you can given risk analysis. Otherwise, you'll be asking / looking for advice and want to trust success. When in fact 99% of those exact ideals will manipulate or "encourage decisions" and another 70% of those people will literally perform federal fraud to exaggerate those "wins". (Bill Ackman's famous short he used fraud to make 2.6 instead of 1 billion, Trumps social app with no software using it to IPO / build in first place (first time Trump had networth/liquid assests in the multi billions(Hasnt taken profit)), and literally examples every fucking day. Can tell you that even purchasing at potentially the worst time in market I can cash flow/ have no risk on my property as an infant in his 20's that built his first resume 2 years ago / thought traveling warehouse work was a decent salary. Stop being a perfectionist and go that's how people like Ken exist! 👍 (1st, 3rd, or even 5th properties aren't supposed to be perfectly timed just a financially literate risk.)

  7. If you read the 5.5 million shortage study you'll not only see it's outdated, but ignores several variables. The new units being built is considerably above population growth. The USA population growth has been trending downward and is near stagnation.

  8. You just showed a chart of population growth that was falling off a cliff??? Then said population growth is rising??? Are you on here spreading lies? I don't mind people sharing data on their youtube channels, but I don't like people who come on here and purposefully lie right to everyones face, while showing the data proving that they are lying. I don't get why you would do that. You lose all credibility when doing that. I disliked your video and unsubscribed from your channel. My suggestion, tell the truth when reporting.

  9. Good points, but to ignore the elephant in the room is dubious. The Fed. The Federal Reserve has signaled at least 3 rate hikes in 2022, many analysts think more. That coupled with the end of QE and subsequent QT will crash the markets. Assuming they follow through with it. History tells us this. This will result in a recession. Hint: We’re already in one but the markets are propped up by QE. One the QE ends, hell will follow. Keep your powder dry.

  10. I see the population chart falling dramatically. Add COVID deaths moving forward, and we could have population decline. We also know that consumer sentiment is at an ALL TIME LOW for homes. That means demand is dropping both now and possibly in the future. Regarding supply, looking at the chart, we are about average and increasing. This means in a couple years we will have too many houses for too few people.

  11. As of the 2020 census there were 121 million households and 141 mil housing units. How does 121 mil – 141 mil = 5 mil housing shortage? Even accounting for second homes and Airbnb’s… Construction was down for several years but that was because it has taken years to absorb the excess built in the last bubble. Population growth rate is at the lowest ever due to low immig and birth rates, millennials marrying later in life, etc. New construction is up again by a lot (as slow as completions may be) and there is a lot of remodeling lately so old units that would normally be abandoned or razed are being remodeled and kept in the housing stock. There’s no housing shortage. This is a FOMO bubble. People that were planning to buy 2-3 yrs from now are instead buying now. Eventually that will depress demand in the next 2-3 yrs.

  12. Banks package the mortgages together and sell them to the fed as Mortgage backed securities, this enabled the banks to be able to make more loans extending this mania ,couple this with record low interest rates a bubble was born . Now the Fed is unloading it balance sheet , it will no longer buy Mortgage backed securities , the fed will raise rates . This will 100% crash real-estate and stocks. This crash could be bigger than 08 ,because the Fed has no tools left to stimulate economy while fighting inflation .

  13. I hear this one sided explanation often on YouTube. This video only partly explains the recent rise in home prices. Yes, there are fundamentals driving up home prices but it misses a bigger factor namely the fed and QE which has artificially keep mortgage rates low (via MBS purchases of $80 billion/month) which then created speculation in many of the growth markets (i.e. FOMO). What the fed giveth the fed taketh away! lol

  14. I live in the Phoenix area. I mentioned to a friend that I may consider selling, but wasn't sure.
    One of his relatives and an aquantance asked if they could possibly have first dibs on making an offer!!! I didn't even make a suggestion on price. Wow, that makes me afraid to sell because I can't find anything else I may like.
    I'll just stay in my home and forget about all the hassle.

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