Top 10 reasons to move to Denver, Colorado. This is a great craft beer town.

Top 10 reasons to move to Denver, Colorado. This is a great craft beer town.

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  1. I would love to move to Denver. I wonder if Minneapolis is cool in any way. Coming from a California-born, Arizona- raised person.

  2. I grew up in Tibet, we don't use or have sun blocker and people skin naturally copy with UV. Yes people's skin gets dark or thicker but never heard of skin cancer is a problem.

  3. This video is outdated. Im born and raised in Denver it has changed so much. Crime in lodo has skyrocketed and housing market is way overpriced. This guy took a trip into town and now an expert .

  4. Denver is a shitty city, roads are awful, weather sucks, lazy ass city with nothing to do, but if you like staying indoors and watching tv all your life,,,,yeah Denver is a great place to come to to die lol.

  5. All the people saying the rent is high, but Denver isn’t even in the top 15 most expensive cities… try living in Boston or NYC

  6. It’s great , random people will start conversations with you. Although most the time they are high on questionable drugs and are talking about how the government is after them

  7. Nah don't come down here, unless you like Yellowstone 🦊. Good luck buried in ash. Please don't move here please stop making videos making my car trip longer

  8. April to November there’s leaves and snow so no street sweepers? You just said they have street sweepers from April to November. Huh?

  9. These comments are annoying.
    If you're from Denver and never left, you're biased. I want to know what the other people think. I love in Buffalo right now. Denver is looking pretty snazzy. But I don't hate Buffalo. It's better than a lot of places. I'm just bored with it. 🤷‍♂️

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