Top 10 things to do Denver Colorado 16th Street Mall Denver

16th Street Mall is a mile long stretch of road in downtown Denver. This road is closed to driving to the public and is occupied With free shuttles running every few minutes during peak hours of the day as well as pedi-cabs and horse-drawn carriages at night. This outdoor mall is comprised of a movie theater, over 40 places to eat, live music venues, museums, a Hard Rock Cafe, bowling alley and many more attentions. This mall is one of the most unique malls in America.


  1. I worked on 16 street before it was a mall where in front my building the first jak hammer started tearing up the street to build mall. Several businesses were taken over and closed. One a bridal shop where a friend owned was forced to close. He was so upset he committed suicide. Not all progress is good fo everyone.
    Small businesses were run out. Denver is not the same…

  2. I stayed in Denver from 2014 to 2019 and fell in love with it. Nice and clean city with plenty of humble people. Highly recommend taking a walk to Larimer Square and check out restaurants or bakeries there.

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