Top 5 Things To Do Downtown Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado is famously known as the mile high city. There are many things to do in this city and its surrounding area, so planning a trip here can easily become overwhelming. After over a year spent living here, I find it easiest to split Denver up into several areas, and then plan things to do in each area. This installment is concerning the Downtown area of Denver where I introduce 5 of my favorite places/activities that you can check out yourself and have an amazing day in the process!




  1. Which of these things do you want to do the most Downtown Denver? Have you done any of these activities before? Please let me know in the comments!

  2. recommendations on where to stay for a weekend trip (would prefer not to rent a car). Assuming we wont move much out of this area.

  3. Great job man! Another angle would have been to break downtown into its neighborhoods instead of specific places inside those neighborhoods. For example, Union Station and the Milk Market are inside the Lodo neighborhood, as well as Coors Field, the View house, etc. Commons House is inside LoHi, as well as Linger, Little man Ice cream, Happy Camper, Postino, Avanti, Recess Beer Garden, Williams and Graham etc. You did not mention the RINO district where you can find The Denver Central Market, Epic Brewing, Odell Brewing, Infinite Monkey Theorem, Blue moon brewery, The Source etc, etc.

  4. I can guarantee I'll never spend money to vacation in a city and look for British style tea shops…. but I guess

  5. Thank you so much for the video! I'll be visiting Denver with my bestfriend and wanted to see what is available to do. Is there any chill places that you recommend for someone to study and pass the time?

  6. I was there last year’s Thanksgiving. Denver is really nice also during winter season. It was all snowing around haha. It was my first thanksgiving celebration. But never tried any of your recommendations. Hope to drive there back and try those things.

  7. Will be In Colorado in 2 weeks! Will definitely check out your these places esp #2 recommendation. Thanks! Awesome video

  8. Im a Denver native and i think those were great recommendations! Of course there's a ton more great places but those are some good highlights! It's fun for me just to check out people's vids on what to do in Denver since I live here. A lot of times new places open up and I don't know about them until I see them on here! Works for me! Thanks man. I'm going to check out some more of your content. I followed you 😎👍

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