This one was a little shorter than the rest but we were only here for a weekend for our friends wedding. We love taking you along so I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Where should we travel next?!

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Huge thank you to our friend Justin Bradley for the help with filming. Follow is instagram here:

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  1. There is this mom that visits Colorado from another state that brain damaged her son. You need to ask god to show you where to find this lady, and how to expose her for it too. Ask god to show you who this lady is.

  2. This the whitest shit ive ever seen… Stop movin to my state and if u do stop movin yo wack ass to A CO

  3. For those who dont know the wedding took place at the Highlands Ranch Mansion inHighlands Ranch, Colorado. -Native

  4. GO TO VAIL COLORADO!!! i swear u won’t regret it and it’s absolutely the most gorgeous place in the world

  5. You guys are brave to hike in Colorado coming from sea level. Lol I live in nyc and Colorado and the elevation is so different they sell oxygen in the airport

  6. Ew, out of all the places they could have gone on a hike, they went to table mountain. Like hunny, there are some great hikes up in evergreen

  7. Hey guys!! If you liked this video could you maybe check out my travel vlog to Colorado on my channel!! Ty:) sorry for the self promo. Trying to get myself out there!

  8. My advice to anyone going to Colorado is to not go to Denver bc there are lots of homeless people no mountains so if you are going for the mountains I would recommend boulder bc it is right under the mountains

  9. Ok, I swear this is the last time that I am going to listen to this. Time to work on some of my own tunes. Come on willpower I need your help! …but seriously. Awesome!

  10. I'm laughing because this looks nothing like Colorado. Show the REAL Colorado for crying out loud. Best places to go are Telluride, Silverton, Vale. THATS COlorado. This is an insult.

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