Chuck gives an update on the market for July 20th, 2022, highlighting real estate action, how to prepare for the future, and more!

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  1. 9:20 Chuck channeling his inner-Greg 😂
    I am glad you started this channel Chuck! You sharing your sage knowledge on the economy, equity and real estate market is greatly appreciated!

  2. Hey Chuck love the podcast ….. Can you cover Dodd Frank bill ..Where it states that we are not depositors at banks …We are UNSECURED CREDITORS now … Derivative holders get paid first if BANKS FAIL .. Look at China …not allowing customers to withdraw money

  3. What is your plan when Vegas runs out of water? And of course when ya have no water to drive the turbines at Hoover Dam, you have no power.
    What's your plan for summer in the desert with no air conditioning?

  4. Chuck, why is no one attributing the astronomical housing prices to the 2017 tax credit? A 20% deduction on rental income is a handout to the wealthy at the expense of everyone else just trying to buy a primary residence, not an income property! If the government is serious about affordable housing, this tax credit needs to go! Sorry but it's the truth

  5. I have a great question Chuck, you mentioned the real estate crisis, what do you think of the Evergrande collapse of the fact that it is one of the largest real estate companies in the world? Even the Chinese dow jones eliminating it from the Hong Kong stock market. How much does the American stock market in terms of value, will it affect the worldwide stock markets and the American stock market?

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