1. That's funny AF that is the entrance into my neck of the city….Shout Out To Cherry Peak!

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  3. He was at CJ Burns Park. Sandwiched between Colorado Blvd, Alameda Av and Leetsdale Dr. Use to drive by that park almost everyday for school.

  4. I love that this went from parking advice to motivational speech 😂😍

  5. I'm having a hard time finding overnight parking anywhere near Denver. Got woken up by the cops today. This is why I found your video. Maybe I'll have a better time downtown. Thanks for the video.

  6. Hope you are trying meetup in whatever city you travel to. It's a great way to meet people.

  7. I like your way of thinking. I like that you are willing to open yourself up and be a little silly. I am a retired schoolteacher and the saddest part of growing up seemed to be when kids lost the ability to laugh. I know that alot of that had to do with some of us very misdirected teachers and I'm so sorry for what we put kids through.
    But you're good; you made it out whole.

  8. Very different in a van vs. RV! Awesome dude, cool to see someone experimenting in Denver!

  9. back in 1995, I went there to see my nefew. he told me to park behind his apartment building, 20 min's later my van was towed, lol. it cost me 180 dollars to get it back.

  10. I want someone to stealth park in south Chicago and come back with the same story as you.

  11. Hey Weston I just wanted to let you know that you and your channel are frickin awesome. Thank you for being so open and giving such awesome insight. You have made me even more excited to try out van life.

  12. "bomb ass edibles"    I remember when one RAN just seeing a cop with 3 seeds in their pocket !!!

  13. I think that works great for the white male or female. That doesn't work so well for the brown or black person. Granted I love meeting people and talking, but all he normal interactions that should take place between human beings seem to only fit certain human beings….

  14. Man I don't even ever want to drive through or near the Denver metro let alone park there. Much respect.
    Even Grand Junction/Mesa county, where I am right now. I can't stand there's too many people and too much consumption everywhere.

    Kroger City Markets do allow overnight parking from what I know, it may vary store to store though. But my suggestion is to stay out of the cities and experience the real world, more-so in states like CO and UT where most of the cool places are on your land, our land, the public lands.

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