Just got back from my travels and headed to Denver Colorado for a tv interview with Gaia and some awesome Vietnamese food! Get started with 8 free meals – that’s $80 off your first month of HelloFresh. Go to and enter mikeychen80

Check out my other video on the practice that I do.

Places I went to for food:
✧ Jax Seafood in Boulder CO

✧ Pho Duy

✧ Pho Haus

✧ Savory Vietnam

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  1. In Boulder, you should have gone to Khow Thai Café! It is a hole in the wall place, but very good food compared to the trendier places.

  2. Boulder has some good Asian places, but definitely not in this area, in the Hill they have a Asian restaurant really good, called You&Me really mama and papa owned, and close to 29th Mall they have a good Vietnamese restaurant, and also a Thai restaurant called Alloy.

  3. You can be Jacky Chen’s stunt double…wait, you would never have work if that’s the case😅. I enjoy your narrative. You are fun to watch. Thank you for the videos. Going to Colorado, this will save me some time.

  4. I went to the Saigon bakery one, And for me the spring rolls were ruined by the peanut type sauce that comes with them…. It’s so thick and it tastes more like chocolate and it was kind of offputting. Next time I will ask for a sweet chili sauce

  5. Mike, please show the name of the restaurant a little longer so we can read the sign and know where to go…or mention the name of the place a few times or at the beginning of your sit down there.

  6. If you are ever back in Denver you should try Tony's pho! Its right next to Pho Duy. They have a amazing spicy broth for their pho and its super flavorful.

  7. you're right about boulder. the corporate hippie town. but my gawd the town is drop dead gorgeous.

  8. I would feel too lonely to live in a house in the wood all by myself, Mike should at least get a big dog to guard the place.

  9. That pho place is a couple blocks away from my place. So good. The little Far East on federal has some real gems!

  10. Actually, that hotel is allegedly haunted. Had a co-worker who flat-out refused to stay there (biz travel).

  11. The incandescent jeep coherently welcome because drum anteriorly scrape aside a smiling advice. zealous, insidious mole

  12. Me, a vegetarian, watching Mikey turn down the Vegetarian Foods restaurant 😭😭😭 I need someone that does what Mikey does but with vegetarian food

  13. You went to the middle of the country and ate Seafood !? Listen we have ok sushi in Colorado but we don't have legit seafood. That was a waste of life forces. Should have gone to CURED BOULDER!

  14. No matter what those critics say i love your house it's a great party one can say you are making to much noise

  15. as you were talking about liking traditional food mom and pop places that boulder doesn't have you were across the street from a mom and pop Italian place. P.S if you are ever in Boulder/Denver again, check out Chez Thuy (boulder) and Vietnamese cafe (Thornton) both great.

  16. I live in Denver. I make the best seafood chowder, you don’t need hot sauce, I use jalapeños in mine! It gives it so much flavor and spices it up!

  17. Awesome video. Boulder has everything to eat. You just need to get off the mall. Also don't fly somewhere 1,000 miles from the ocean and order seafood to judge the food.

  18. You missed out in Boulder! Kim's on Broadway, a tiny little kiosk across from the CU campus, has the best Pho in Colorado. (My opinion)

  19. You should collab with my friend who is also a foodie. Speaking of "beyond science," when are you gonna start that again?

  20. New saigon! That dish at 13 min is my absolute favorite in denver. I go next door for the banh mi way too often. Also pho duy! Skip Boulder it sucks

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