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In the heart of Umbria, on the hills surrounding the Etruscan city of Perugia, this wonderful 650 sqm villa with 9 bedrooms and Renaissant tower is perfect for anyone looking for a luxury property to use as a private residence or as a base for a hosting business. The icing on this beautiful cake is the beautiful garden designed by the landscape architect Pietro Porcinai and made up of a park and a winter garden with swimming pool. The property is then completed by a tennis court.

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Nel cuore dell’Umbria, sulle colline che circondano la città etrusca di Perugia, questa splendida villa di 650 mq con 9 camere e torre rinascimentale è perfetta per chi cerca una proprietà di lusso da destinare residenza privata o all’attività ricettiva. Vera gemma della proprietà è lo splendido giardino progettato dal paesaggista Pietro Porcinai composto di un parco all’inglese e da un giardino invernale con piscina. Completa il tutto un piacevole campo da tennis sintetico.


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00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Pietro Porcinai
01:06 – Location of the Villa
01:49 – First part of the Garden
02:17 – Olive Oil Jars
02:38 – Tennis Court of the Villa
02:58 – Lemons
03:20 – Pond Area
04:30 – Inside the Villa
04:50 – Conservatory
06:01 – Lower Level
06:49 – Ground Floor
08:31 – Entertainment Room
09:53 – First Floor’s Bedrooms
11:45 – Tower
13:07 – Closing

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  1. I absolutely love how you give us a detailed guided tour of the villa but you also edit the video to let the house do the talking. Well done.

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  3. What am EXQUISIT property! It is like a master piece that keeps improving over time. Thank you Danilo for presenting it to us. My favorite part of this property is the winter garden room. I love my gardens, so this property is magical to me.

  4. Damn…!
    This is what I am talking about.
    It's truly tempting.
    What a wonderful property.
    And not forgetting that you are one of the humble, polite, charming anchor.
    You must try modeling or acting aswell.

  5. Danilo Romolini I'm not good at explaining things so here goes…..from the very first time I saw you reminded me of a past love 😔. I…..never thought I would ever cross paths with someone with similar qualities. I know it's vague what I'm saying to you and (by no means I'm replacing him) I'm glad to know there are still good people that still exist in this world. You truly bring a sense of calmness and I'm glad you're in my life❤

  6. A Fab house and so Near The lovely City of Perugia With its Designer landscaped Gardens Villa Margaret is really unique in design The Swimming pool is amazing going into the Winter garden and the amazing Basement with Games Room Sauna Exercise Room The amazing Ceiling with the greenery crossing it Amazing Bedrooms Great Presentation As Usual Danilo WE'LL Done

  7. This is truly so unique and very exquisite! I would so love this home. You are surrounded by nature and the conservatory alone is just wonderful for entertaining. You have inside and outside all at once time. Love the living room and it seems so comfortable and yet has such a rich, and historic depth to it. The furniture is not really the old world, * as I would expect* but it flows somehow? Love all aspects.

    'If only" my life was different, I could have just gone there and purchased it. Yes, there is keeping it up and paying the "caretaker" but when you have money that is just fine it can be done. A person relaxes feeling what they do from now on to keep it running properly, will be done for someone else in the future days, whenever it may be! Hopefull you live a long time enjoying this home first.

    When you sat down in the conservatory you looked like you truly lived in this house and really belonged there! Guess with most all of the homes, you treat them as if they truly would be a home you would love to purchase yourself! That is the key to it all. A natural.

  8. Possibly the most beautiful property I have ever seen…although on the other side of the planet, this feels like home. If I ever have a chance to visit Italy, I will likely never come back to California.

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