VLOG: 6 Days in Colorado! (Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver 2020) Things to Do!

Join us as we visit the beautiful state of Colorado! Perhaps one of the best getaway locations during Covid. Such a beautiful and serene place to visit!

Day 1: Garden of the Gods (Colorado Springs, CO) Puebo Riverwalk (Pueblo, CO)
Day 2: Royal Gorge & Bridge (Canon City, CO)
Day 3: Pike’s Peak & Cave of the Winds (Colorado Springs, CO)
Day 4: Rocky Mountain National Park / Bear Lake /Estes Park (Boulder, CO)

Day 5: Denver and Boulder, CO

(We didn’t record the day we got there or the day we left since it was more of getting to know the area and just driving around)

any questions, please put them in the comments below! thanks for watching!


  1. Colorado is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing the beauty of this amazing state! I am a realtor here and see many places but I'm still amazed!

  2. Hey I’m going to Colorado Springs really love the video. I do have a question? Can we work out a deal on drone footage?

  3. Hi there! Great video and beautiful family! Quick question: I'm going to pikes peak in March I already got my tickets but I didn't see anywhere on the website about shuttles! Like you have to go on the shuttle you can't drive up there yourself? I was really looking forward to that drive by myself lol

  4. Wow what amazing sights, thank you for taking us through that so smoothly. Zaydan so brave for going in the cave I would of got scared. Can’t wait for more.

  5. Cool video… are they crazy about having to wear a mask over there now? I'd like to go, but can't deal with people forcing me to wear a mask everywhere.

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