Walking tour of 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver, Colorado 【4K】

Exploring Downtown Denver starting from 16th Street Mall to Civic Center Park. Built in 1982, the 16th Street Mall is a pedestrian-friendly mall packed with shopping, restaurants, and attractions. The mall, 1.25 miles long, runs along 16th Street in downtown Denver, from Wewatta Street (at Union Station) to the intersection of 16th Avenue and Broadway (at Civic Center Station). Free shuttle buses, known as Free MallRide, cruise up and down the mile-long Mall seven days a week.

Civic Center is dominated by government buildings, including the Colorado State Capitol with its gold-plated dome. Dotted with fountains, statues and a Greek amphitheater, Civic Center Park draws crowds in summer for festivals, concerts and a cluster of popular food trucks. A huge collection of international works fills the Denver Art Museum, while the United States Mint runs coin-making tours.

Recording Date: May 2018

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  1. I stayed in Denver from 2014 to 2019 and fell in love with it. Nice city, humble people, and it’s quite clean (except some hood areas). Your video brought back a lot of memories.

  2. I love your video work and would like to use a few seconds of it in our music video for my small local band. We will credit you and link your work. If we ever make a dime from it we will throw some money at you too.
    You are great. Let me know if I need to do anything else.
    Thank You
    Denise Spencer

  3. Would be cool if you could do this again but film in 360 degrees. Not sure how that works but there are films out there already that show things in 360 degrees so that the viewer can move the camera around and view the surroundings.

  4. Denver is a S hole now, the germs are deep and the homeless are out of control. I feel bad for those that come here, spend their money and go home sick. CO should tell visitors they spray them when here.

  5. There are hundreds of homeless people who sleep in the park right across from the capitol. I have seen coke heads do lines right in public. Drunk people laying on the sidewalks.

    Recently the mall has had many complaints of aggresive panhandlers beating people up who dont give them money, and one guy swinging a pole around and chasing people down.

  6. Dá a impressão que é eu que estou andando nas ruas dos americanos! Exelente vídeo, muito bom trabalho. Parabéns pelo lindo vídeo! Eu tiro o chapéu para você Travel, Thank you!

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