Wall Street Plotting to CRASH 2022 Housing Market? (40% FIRESALE in 10 CITIES)

Wall Street Investors have taken over the US Housing Market. Are they about to CRASH it?

Real estate investor demand in the Housing Market has surged over the last year. Heading into 2021 investors were buying nearly 30% of all homes in America, heavily contributing the current Housing Bubble America is in.

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This Investor Market Bubble is occurring just as first-time home buyers continue to be priced out of the market. This impact is worst in cities such as Atlanta, San Jose, and Los Angeles, where investors are buying close to 40% of all the homes. Housing markets such as Salt Lake City, Memphis, and San Francisco also have a very high share of investors and speculators purchasing real estate (California is especially bad).

Many people fear that the surge in investor demand – particularly in California’s Housing Market – is part of the Great Reset and will keep prices high forever. And mean that first-time buyers and small investors will never get a chance to own a home (“Own Nothing and You Will Be Happy”).

However, the impact of investors in a housing market doesn’t tend to be permanent. Data from previous US Housing Crashes suggests that areas with more investors, as well as 2nd home buyers, experience more volatility. Home prices and real estate values go up more in the Bubble, but then go down more in the Housing Crash.

Markets like Phoenix and Las Vegas are great examples of this. These metros experienced 50-60% decline in home prices during the 2007-12 Housing Crash. One of the primary reasons was due to a high share of speculative demand in the market in the Bubble that suddenly vanished in the Crash.

Meanwhile, cities like Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Albany, and New Orleans have a relatively low share of investor demand. Interestingly, these “boring” Housing Markets were some of the best performers in the last Housing Crash because of this reason. Less speculation and investor demand in the Bubble meant less of a decline in the Crash.

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  1. You could not pay me to buy a rental in New York with the bill to prevent allowing tenants to rent who have had past evictions for nonpayment. Absolutely not I will tank my investment in US government bonds before investing in New York.

  2. Furthermore, what happens is that "investors" buy all the properties in an area, but only put a few of them on the market at a time so they can maximize their profit. It's called artificial scarcity. In the county I live in, there are 1500+ vacant houses, but only 150 of them are actually available for sale. Last week, I looked at a house that had only been listed the day before, but had obviously been empty for several years. If we can find who these "people" are, we could solve the problem very quickly.

  3. "not happening in the midwest"
    As someone who lives in a small Rust Belt city in Wisconsin, I can assure you that this is definitely happening in 100% of cities everywhere in America; even the small towns in the middle of nowhere have $60,000 houses selling for $180,000. Land that was $3,000 5 years ago is now being listed for $40,000. The real question is, Why don't these investors ever identify themselves? Are they worried about something?

  4. You and all the people that missed out have been yelling bubble or fire sale for the last year. lol meanwhile prices continue to go up. Higher.

  5. History is not always repeat it self this time around big firms investors bought these houses with free money with trillions of $$$$$$$$$ they printed. 🏠 prices are not coming down anytime soon. Good luck 👍

  6. Blackrock knows exactly what they’re doing. The money used never cost them anything (look them up folks. Blackrock and the vanguard group are the real people that run the world). It’s scary

  7. I have no problem with people doing what they can to make money, but when you are putting families out of affordable homes that’s a problem and this needs to be better regulated.

  8. In this market in Pittsburgh. Hedge funds are buying up a lot, like a lot a lot, from any wholesaler or realtor as long as it fits their matrix with very little care of wholesaler fees. Prices here are pretty insane making this city very affordable to not so much for the average person.

  9. Ditch your car. Reduce your monthly transportation expenses by up to $1,000. Put that money into your monthly housing instead by coming to NYC and having the best quality of life. Awful liberal politics but you will love the walkable, bikeable lifestyle!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The place you want to be is… the place near your family and friends, the place with job opportunities, the place with the culture and amenities you will enjoy.

  11. No firm is going to buy up a bunch of housing if they think it will crash. What they think is that the value of the DOLLAR will crash. They are disposing of all their soon-to-be Monopoly Dollars on hard assets that will retain value. If in a few years gas is $50 a gallon, paying $200K for a trailer in a decent park will seem like a genius move…because it will then be worth $2 million.

  12. Investors in Vegas aren't buying as rentals, they are buying to make a quick huge profit. Large investors are buying over asking price in cash and reselling within weeks for $30,000 – $60,000 more than they paid. Basically, in Vegas right now, if you need a mortgage, you need to pay the Investor "markup" to purchase a home. But they still find buyers, at least for right now. They are also sitting on a lot of inventory – so they can pretty much time their out if they want it so that they don't take a big loss. New home construction is now priced per their over inflated market values, so not sure how it will go down, unless people just get fed up and move out. Under this scenario – do you still see a crash, or can they control the inventory indefinitely?

  13. Very good! Thank you. I’m surprised about the amount of investors here in California, meanwhile, all the people are getting priced out of apartments and will never be able to afford a home for example in Los Angeles. The corrupt government here in California is allowing these investors to destroy the housing market, its despicable and California Democrats passed sB9 & 10 legislation to destroy the single family neighborhoods, sickening!

  14. McAllen, TX is right across from Reynosa-state Tamaulipas. Horrific cartel violence. This has never been a market to buy in. Wonder who's buying besides BR & Vanguard. El Paso is right across from Ciudad Juarez. I call this laying down chess pieces. McAllen and similar sleepy towns in South Texas where 'snowbirds' from the Northeast & Midwest as well as some Canadians would either bring a mobile home or find a small place to rent after New Years (or earlier) & stay through March. They stopped coming in the 2000s-especially around 2006-7 when Felipe Calderon declared war on the cartels.

  15. So… We sold our house in November and made a lot of money on it. Feeling excited about the decision. Fast forward 3 months and a neighbor's home (same track builder, smaller, 3 vs 4 bedroom, 2 vs 3 car garage, lot almost 1/2 the size) just sold their home for $150K more than ours. Sold in 3 days for $300K more than listing & Redfin/Realtor estimate. Based on comp sales (same house/same neighborhood) it increased 50% in the last 12 months. Totally crazy!

  16. i speak for myself as a father i dont see myself spending 2600 on rent even buying a house at this current prices because if you are going to spend your life for next 30 years just paying for 4 walls and not having a life than its pointless. You want to have a place to live but also to have a decent living life now to raise kids and provide to them and maybe take family on vacation. Even though i make decent money i dont see myself being able to buy a house now for 500k when my income is around 60k that barely making now days.

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