We Ate The Most Iconic Foods In Denver On A $50 Budget

Grasslands outside of Denver are home to animals like elk, moose, and deer, which make the city known for its specialty meat offerings. Rocky Mountain oysters are among the most popular of them. We visit Denver to see how far the dollar goes on the city’s most iconic foods.

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We Ate The Most Iconic Foods In Denver On A $50 Budget


  1. I’ve lived in the Denver area all of my life (60 years) and this is all news to me. Well almost all, Denver Central Market is a fun place to go. Rocky Mountain Oysters and Rattlesnake hotdogs are not at all iconic. Literally no one I know eats them.

  2. Bull testicles is NOT an iconic food in Denver, like maybe 2 or 3 cowboy themed restaurants serve them. Most Denverites whether native or transplants have NEVER eaten them. Fact, do some research on the places that are featured on your channel.
    This makes me wonder what other inconsistencies about other places are contained in your thinly veiled advertisements for a select few venues in your profiles.

  3. Living in Denver, I have to say that the most "iconic dish" here is probably the New Mexico style Mexican food and the Vietnamese food. Denver has a good food scene, but not really any unique stuff.

  4. i am fed up with all the loser / amateurs trying to present / taste food without bother to learn about what they are eating , or at least learn how to eat it right !!! I miss U Anthony bourdain!!!

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