Weather in Denver CO 101 | What to Expect When Living in Denver Colorado

Weather in Denver CO 101 | What to Expect When Living in Denver Colorado // Do you have plans of moving to Denver Colorado? Maybe you are considering moving to Denver but would like to know more on how life is over here?

Today, in this video, we will show you what to expect when living in Denver Colorado!

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  2. denver has the most radical weather in colorado — western slope living beats it — but dont move here — when it storms in denver and they close i70 we say — they deserve it

  3. Regarding 4 distinct seasons, sometimes you can experience all 4 in an afternoon. (seriously) This year we had record high temperatures in early September (100/101) which were IMMEDIATELY followed by record low temperatures and snow. 101 on Saturday/Sunday followed by snow on Tuesday and temps below freezing. Denver/Colorado weather can be extremely schizophrenic and intense! I moved here in '91 and have seen 100+ degree days; -25F lows; 3 feet of snow; back to back blizzards causing us to be home bound for a week; 21/2 inches of rain in 45 minutes, soil so dry that we had 1" cracks in the ground and soil so wet that I couldn't use the mower for a month; and 76 degree temperature swings (58F > -18F) in only 2 days. Colorado weather can be a wild ride! I like the fact that the snow doesn't usually stick around for more than a few days.

  4. Amazing video! Thank you so much for this helpful information. Colorado is definitely on my list of places to move from OC, CA. Where are some good spots to visit in Colorado with a 6 year old?

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