What It's Like To Be LA's Top Real Estate Agent

Aaron Kirman knows how to close a deal: He’s sold about $6 billion worth of real estate over his 25-year career, making him the No. 1 agent in Los Angeles and among the top in the country.

As a top realtor, Kirman makes seven figures, but not all real estate agents earn a ton of money — and that’s one of the biggest misconceptions of the job. Most bring home less than $50,000 a year, he estimates, while a top producer will make between $200,000 and $500,000. “Then you have the very, very, very top — a select few who make more than a million,” he says, adding: “And then there’s one level up, which is big, mega brokers. I’m pretty lucky to consider myself one of those.”

To experience a sliver of what it’s like to be the top realtor in the City of Angels, I spent a day with Aaron, meeting clients and looking at listings in some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in LA.

He routinely sells multi-million dollar properties, including one estate for a whopping $65 million, and on his new CNBC show, “Listing Impossible,” he helps stubborn homeowners sell their luxury real estate.

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What It’s Like To Be LA’s Top Real Estate Agent


  1. I gotta say…Aaron Kirman is a force to be reckoned with in real estate. We’ve crossed paths many times since 2008, and he’s absolutely incredible at what he does!

  2. This guys not even ranked in the top 5 he just told them he was the top, he’s the Donald Trump of real estate

  3. This is really a kind of a on-going joke. The Real Estate Agent has no fiduciary responsibility to the seller whatsoever and is more concerned about selling the property as quickly as possible so to get the commission. Hence the more you close the more properties you flip and the larger commissions you earn for the year. So these real estate agents are in it for themselves and the seller is nothing but in the way.

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  6. You have got to love what you do in order to work around the clock – future Real Estate Agent

  7. The last one "Forest Fire", that is gonna be nighmare and it gets more and more and wont stop despite all the wealth. So make as much money as u can in US ASAP, and then invest your money in a proper state or a better country. Thats what i did 😎💪

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  9. This is so inspiring. I’m committed to watching or listening to something that inspires me daily, when I can.

  10. thank you for the video. im outside usa but would like to invest in usa rental property. are you aware of any good agency that takes care of finding a property, finishing the deal and managing the property afterwards, basically an end to end service

  11. well he can be making billions but there is nothing special about him. He is a common salesman at the end of the day. NO biggie.

  12. Me waking up 7am ish, focusing on me & being selfish in my slow self centered morning then starting working at 11ish then being done around 5-7pm ish. See I got the makings of a billionaire 😁 I just gotta find out how I'm gonna make those billions! Lol
    Tho…I also thought he's on island time 😉

  13. Could you imagine being soo rich you literally could practically buy any house you want. Like how do you even decide? 🤷‍♀️

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