What To Do In Denver, Colorado In 24HRS? | Top Things To Do In Colorado

Wondering what to do in Denver, Colorado in 24hrs? Denver is one of my favorite cities in the country. Denver also has some of the best brunch places to eat, killer views of the mountains and some of the best sightseeing.





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  1. I've lived here in Colorado since I was 9, 40 now, and I have never seen someone so happy and excited about visiting here. Your excitement is contagious and makes me want to go explore of my favorite state and see places I have not yet seen lol. Thank you for the awesome video of my home.

  2. Your energy is infectious I would love to travel with you because you’re just as excited about things that I would, you’re funny and just great energy now I gotta go on a video binge

  3. I wish I could explore Colorado and the mountains but I can’t because my mom is..fat and she gets tired fast and has asthma 😔 sucks man I’ve been living here my whole life and my only chances were field trips

  4. Just remember that Colorado is high elevation, so if you are from states that the elevation is much lower to drink lots of water and wait to go hiking those 14'ers. That includes going to Pikes Peak. Take a few days to just calmly explore downtown Denver (Snooze is the best for breakfast) and then do the more strenuous activities. Altitude sickness is real and can mess you up.

  5. When you’re in a high altitude you should breathe through your nose. When you breathe through the mouth you’re likely to pass out. I learned that in Peru.

  6. I visited Colorado last week and incredibly was snowing ! , amazing experience , went to Ricky Mountain National Park, Pikes Peak , Seven Fountain Park , loved it all!!! Can't believe people who live there never visited such amazing places, I live in Florida and here is really really boring compared with Colorado.
    In Florida we have only beaches but most of the time is raining!!!

  7. Every video I’ve seen of people visiting Denver has commenters trashing the person who is doing the video. Except yours 😭. You dead a ray of sunshine!

  8. Your positive energy and excitement is a beautiful thing bro. I subscribed after this video off of those qualities you posses alone. Looking forward to seeing what else you got!

  9. 24 hours? lol. not enough to do anything but smoke weed in a hotel room. or all over town. Take my advaice and stay for half a month, or whole month. If the least bit at least 3-6 days. But 24 is a tease

  10. “I almost fell. Did you see that?” 😆

    I love that you just greet everyone with such a warm smile! 😁💕💕💕 I love whenever I meet people like you!

  11. You are so beautiful and I love your enthusiasm! Love seeing black people being adventurous and happy. Also you had great footage and great editing man 🙂

  12. My home state. I miss the mountains. That elevation is hard to breath but it’s good for conditioning the body. You have a great personality and your channel is fun to watch. Found you from that Amtrak video.

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