Why the real estate market continues to explode

As the pandemic shifted our work lives into working-from-home lives, it also accelerated trends among homebuyers toward more affordable locales. As a result, competition for houses in smaller cities, like Boise, Idaho, has reached never-before-seen heights. Correspondent David Pogue talks with realtors across the country about their unprecedented sales, and with new homeowners whose migrations from larger metropolitan areas helped fuel a residential bull market.

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  1. Several years ago I paid cash for a fixer upper…everybody laughed….I fixed it up, living mortgage free…Now whose laughing 😂

  2. Hi, homeless here. I'm fixing up a van to live out of. I know Im lucky I have that metal roof over my head. Good luck to all of you struggling.

  3. Investors and corporations are buying up properties and driving up the prices. I'm a single person looking to buy a 2 bedroom apartment. I can't compete with cash offers.

  4. Great, you get a chitload of $$ for your house……..now what? Spend that chitload on a replacement home. Spok would find this highly illogical. 🙂

  5. It's the demographics in Boise, it's majority white. People are competing fiercely to live in places like that. Prices have skyrocketed in similar areas.

  6. Bought my east Brunswick new Jersey home for 300k after watching the price goes down for months. Now in 3 years its worth 420k in east Brunswick nj. Lololililo

  7. Clearwater Beach, FL Housing Prices Crater 26% YOY As Retirement Property Demand Craters Across Tampa Area

  8. People buying with appraisal waived, inspection waived. Paying crazy prices now, as the pandemic is winding down. Many of these people will probably be pressured into returning to the office. Could be some good house deals, a year from now.

  9. Why buy a house when you can rent one for half the monthly cost? Buy it later after prices crater for 70% less.

    Del Valle, TX Housing Prices Crater 13% As Double Digit Price Declines Blanket Austin Area

  10. They are tricking homeowners into selling there homes! And those that sold are having a hard time buying another house, because they are being outbid! Blackrock kock brothers and all theses investments firms are buying up everything and banks are giving out loans with no fix mortgage rate!! So there betting on these people to fall behind and take those properties to!! They are lying to you they want to turn America into a communist country with only a few corporations owning everything!!

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