1. Great video! My wife and I are looking to move from Colorado Springs to Phoenix, Chandler or Gilbert this year. Any cities to check out in Arizona please let me know! I subbed to your channel 😎

  2. Checking out your video. We're looking to move this coming summer. This will be my first big relocation, but definitely looking forward to it.

  3. I disagree with your comments on Summer weather in Denver. In no way shape or form does it get cold enough in the Summer to wear a coat at night. I'd rather deal with a few months of snow than a place that melts your sneakers in the summer.

  4. Great video! Thank you! Definitely confirmed my husband and I’s choice to move to Phoenix in less than 2 years! 🙌🏻 can’t wait!

  5. Wow ! Wow ! I know first hand about the weather winter snow , I am trying to move away from it , I am sick of some and ice , cold weather , I am looking to move to Arizona , did you have a hard time finding a apartment ? What area did you move to in Arizona ,

  6. My friend weight 300 pounds and live In Co..Now he is 150 pounds..For real Arizona heat made him lose all that weight fast without exercising.

  7. I have a job opportunity with a defense company in Gilbert, so I'm thinking about moving! What do you think about the Tempe area for someone in their mid 20s? I'm from Southern California. How crazy is the heat in Phoenix?

  8. Welcome to Arizona:
    My family has been in Southern AZ for almost 120 years mostly in Tucson and Nogales Arizona. Its great to see videos of Phoenix. I've always loved Phoenix and Arizona

  9. Divine timing I've been thinking about moving there. I'm from Colorado as well TIRED OF THE SNOW TOO

  10. AZ was too hot and dry for me! Colorado has winter but this year its been so mild! I live in Boulder! Denver is gross and overpriced for sure! Northern CO is where it's at. Still has small town feel!
    Denver will ruin your thoughts on CO lol i never go to Denver!

  11. People who actually know about the state know that it isn't hot all the time. I get the name "Phoenix" is synonymous with heat, but it's only hot for a ⅓ of the year and temperatures are cool again.

  12. Arizona is amazing! Not just saying that because I am a Realtor. I grew up in Long Beach, CA and lived in Las Vegas as well and nothing compares to Arizona. From Flagstaff all the way down to Tucson there is so much to do. Food, outdoors, family fun, education etc… And I agree @ Arizona Lifestyle LOCATION, you can drive to Texas, NV, CA, Colorado, Utah or take a short flight. I will say, start buying now because the prices are going through the roof!

  13. Hey I have previously live in Colorado, CO springs and Denver for a bit I met my ex wife there and my sons mom .most definitely a fun and beautiful experience but we relocated back here live in Phoenix for about year in a half n mesa and then got a house in Maricopa the city she loved it here I grew up in Tempe so it's my home really ..anyway unfortunately we didn't work out she went back so I get to visit back for now for some time I wanted to mention somthing big I didn't think was mentioned without being to to bias I do feel the people in Arizona are little more friendly in a outgoing way I didn't spend a ton of time in CO so can't speak on it to much I just feel it's a bit more of a positive vibe at times here seems have a slight different culture amongst black people too the african community idk I guess my opinion Denver is to expensive overall for me if I'm going to live like that I'll move to San Diego in stead .thanks again for this video! Bro keep it up enjoy AZ!

  14. We lived in Denver for 2 years and I hated it! Too many ride people moving in and I never felt good due to the elevation! We are in Montana right now, but I am over the cold winters. Like you said, shovelling snow is no fun! I can't wait to get rid of my winter clothes and boots! No snow, no ice, no problem! The sunsets in AZ are amazing and I want to be out doing things all year long!

  15. I'm a Western Colorado Native. I've also lived in San Diego. If my mom and father in law weren't in Colorado I'd move to Arizona tomorrow. I'll take heat over cold anytime.

  16. I moved to Denver from Texas a year ago. I'm about to accept a job in Tucson any day now. Gonna leave the expensive box!!

  17. I thought about moving to phoenix Arizona, but it's way to hot there, so I have decided I may move to either montana, or stay here in new mexico

  18. Arizona raised and my sister relocated to Aurora 2 years ago and begged me to move ! I refused because I love AZ sooo much ❤️

  19. I’m in the same boat. Living in Colorado and trying to decide between Phoenix or Austin TX.

  20. What are the odds I would see this video on my feed today. I was at my sisters house this weekend (we live in NY) & I was telling them i want to move to Arizona (next year hopefully). Her husband was tryn to convince me of Colorado (which he loves and is seriously considering moving there in the next 4-5 yrs)…My sister definitely says she doesnt want to live in AZ (but she knows absolutely nothing about it 🙄) Anyway, blah blah blah ..your video pops up lol..which I sent them both the link.
    I also agree with all that you guys said and there is also more positives of living in AZ. Great video. Thanks guys.

  21. Arizona Lifestyle- denver and phoenix are on my shortlist for relocation. how is the weather in denver. i hear since its so sunny the snow melts and it isnt that bad

  22. How much money would you recommend having saved up in the bank when moving?
    $1,000? $5,000? $10,000? $30,000?
    What do you think?

  23. We also moved from Denver to Phoenix – 3 years ago. Denver has become too cool. Especially with rec being legalized. Couldn't afford our 1 bedroom rent there anymore, but now we're homeowners in the desert. Not that it's THAT much cheaper in Phoenix, but the growth is definitely managed better for everyone moving here. Had to buy farther out from the city to get a home, but it's definitely easier than sitting for hours on the 25 when it snows!

  24. Dang bro Ive been here in CO 2 months now. Definitely not into it anymore. Its brown and cold and just blah man. I can't describe and the lack of trees man .. You liking AZ ? The cold aint for me. The dispensaries are dope but this ain't it.

  25. I live in California and visited Denver for the first time last year it’s a awesome city like the downtown but I could see how it could get annoying with all the snow and driving Arizona is a nice state 🤟

  26. i moved out here 25 years ago, i Live in a Nice 2 bedroom apt Downtown an i have a Nice Paying Job making Over 15 dollars an hour , Phoenix has been Good to Me, it was One of the Best Moves that i have Ever Made in My Life.

  27. We've been here 5 years and got a fantastic deal on buying our home in the growing city of Buckeye and growing super fast we have seen a dramatic increase of people moving here! And all the new housing being built, I agree never thought we would ever move to the desert but I'll take the 3 and a half of hot 115 degree summers and enjoy absolutely beautiful weather for 9 or so months 😁 nice video 👍

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