Winter Weather Tips for Living in Denver Colorado

Winter Weather Tips for Living in Denver Colorado // Are you planning on moving or living in Denver Colorado? Would you like to know if you can handle and understand the weather in Denver CO? Then you are in the right place!

Today, in this video, we will teach you the best winter weather tips for living in Denver Colorado so you can handle it when you move here!

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  1. Hello, thank you for your videos. I've been watching for quite sometime. Do you also deal with rentals? I'm moving to Denver, but not ready to buy yet. Just thought I would ask. Thank you.

  2. Great info Guys!!
    We'll probably be moving sometime between winter & spring, from the San Francisco area to the Parker area. Just renting for now.

    My question is how often does it snow, rain and hail? And how about the wind?
    Thanks in advance!! 🌞🌺

  3. We’re from la so we don’t have awd….. are we going to survive the winter with just snow tires..?? We can’t buy a new car because we’re buying a house so do you really think we’ll be able to drive safely on the roads? Will electric cars be good for that kind of weather?

  4. Honestly, you can get away with a good set of winter SNOW tires in the city rather than those studded ones. Definitely have chains if you're going up in the mountains. But when you buy chains…. know how to use them. Don't let it be your first time putting them on when you're going up the mountain and you need them 🤣.
    I've always owned a Subaru, but anyone can get around with the appropriate tires, 2WD, 4WD, AWD…

    I've been watching driving instructors in Canada teach how to drive in the snow. You know they know how to drive 🤣🤣

  5. Nothing wrong with crocs, or flip flops, shorts and a beanie 🤣👍….but studed tires, wow that takes me back to the 60's and the tires getting torn up on the pavement after the snow melted….🤣✌ love you guys, keep up the great videos, great info, fab fun with the humor too. ROCK ON!!!

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