Worst Park in America? My Experience at Elitch Gardens – Denver, Colorado

This is the worst park I’ve been to, based on my experience at Elitch Gardens on July 5th, 2018.

Video Credits:
David Ellis, Half Pipe:
Coaster Crutchfield, Sidewinder:

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Intro music: Magnum
Theme music: Black Vulture
Background music: Passage


  1. My problem wasn’t feeling unsafe on the rides, though the wooden coaster did break down with us on it. The main problem was that all the employees move soooo slooowwww. I’ve never seen rides get loaded so slowly! It was frustrating to watch.

  2. I remember in elementary school how big of a deal elitches was and people would literally brag about the amount of times they've been and all the rides they went on etc. and it's really not all that. I mean they beat lakeside but that's really it. A very overrated park at least in the Denver area.

  3. Until 2007, MindEraser wasn't the worst coaster at Elitch Gardens since in 2002, there was a Zamperla Volare at this park (it was the first one btw) called Flying Coaster until that ride was relocated to Coney Island as Soarnin' Eagle and the ride is even worse then it was before. (It gave me whiplash) and might have been the roughest coaster I have been on.

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  5. I've gone here alot- it's the only park I can go to.. It's bad!! They maintain alot of care to the small waterpark only. Thats where you find most of the staff members. Half the coasters are shut down and same with concession stands.

  6. Honestly it’s because you came at a really bad time it’s still the parks fault but the day after July fourth every worker probably wants a day off

  7. Your fine. Just wait, oh you can’t because you don’t have any patients. But really most of the rides open later in the day, if you wanna know something than the price is fine:

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