Zillow DOWNGRADES Their Housing Market Forecast

Zillow officially DOWNGRADED their housing market forecast over the next 12 months. Zillow released their NEW US housing market predictions so will home prices fall in 2022 and will mortgage interest rates shoot up for the US real estate market? Are they predicting a housing crash or for new records to be broken? Will housing inventory eventually increase giving homebuyers more options which will entice more homeowners to list their houses for sale? Or… will homebuyer demand increase and mortgage rates stay close to 5%? Comment below with your housing market forecast for 2022.

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My Bold Housing Market Predictions for 2022:

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To give you a quick mortgage interest rates update, according to the Mortgage News Daily the average 30yr fixed rate mortgage is around 5.4% for the current mortgage rates (at the time of filming this video).

Comment below: what’s your housing market forecast? Do you think a housing crash will happen or are your housing market predictions that the real estate market and home prices will continue to surge?

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  1. Compilation of Housing Market Forecast videos

    My Housing Market Predictions for 2022

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  2. check this out about buying a house in north carolina : the wrong way home…a journey in the life of home buyers in North Carolina…youtube

  3. If even the rents don’t go down soon people that make less than 65k income will leave in their car in south florida. Rent a bedroom is costing 1k a month, 2/2 apt 2500 a month … totally overpriced

  4. I hear so many complain here about cash buyers driving up prices and making it impossible to win bids, but when people sell their homes here, they also then move to cheaper places and…buy with cash.

  5. So what. Real estate is cyclical. Nothing new.
    At least people weren’t getting paid to buy a house, like in the ought years.
    Also, 5% mortgage interest is still cheap money.

  6. Ya… Its all gonna crash so hard…Zillow stock is down 60%… We're at 6.15% on mortgage rates…The dollar has inflated 17%…. By march of 2023 these houses will be 50% off

  7. Few months back you and your channel were bullish on the housing market and now you are showing bearish sign. Not credible like Re-venture consulting.

  8. awesome content thank you!

    where can you find this daily change in mortguage rate? what site was that?

  9. You do amazing job Jason. I own moving company in Dallas/Fort Worth. We have a multi angle view of relocations in homes, apartments, senior living, commercial. It’s astounding to see the demand has reduced 90%.

    Our target market is high end moves. The move up cycle has broken; 1st time home buyer starter home – move up $500k – move up $750-800k -move up $1mil+ – move DOWN (once kids move out/older) to smaller home or senior living.

    Govt intervention has completely derailed organic flow and therefore baby boomers aren’t moving down, and cycle isn’t moving up. Relocation has run stagnant for pre-existing.

    Apartments are reluctant to move due to cost of moving and escalated rent rates to new lease.

    Senior living has capped out available space.

    Commercial moves are no longer expansion; instead they are downsized or closed.

    75% of local movers have closed down inactive or revoked license in Texas. Overall picture has not hit peak pain and will only get worse as rates rise and cost of living escalates. You do a great job. Let me know if you ever have question for data on moving industry. We are forward looking into hardship since we are hit 1st.

  10. I feel it will subside a bit but then go right back up here in Florida with northerners and westerns moving here since home aforablility is great due to higher sells outside of Florida.

  11. I think this will forecast will downgrade further. But I don't think prices will ever fall overall. There are so many new factors. It is hard to predict

  12. Its a conflict of interest for them to say housing will go negative. If they admitted to being overpriced in their predictions, imagine how bad it actually is

  13. Why does no one ever talk about home sellers caving to all cash offers from investors. Can we not be advocates in asking sellers to wait out a standard sale like they themselves waited out when they purchased a home. People can be very disappointing. Investors are not griping about the lack of their opportunity, regular people are. They swooped in with bags full of money and people being as flawed and lacking in empathy as they are, have gone for it without hesitation. Forgetting what it was like, they caved to greed and expediency. I understand business transactions, but buying a home does not have to become a dream of the past. Is it wrong to ask people to be better? The market is cyclical, no doubt, but we are not talking about most people being in desperate situations that they cannot forgo selling to the highest bidder and an all cash offer. As if soaring prices, inflation, insane competition, lack of supply, rising interests rates, were not enough, now sellers cannot wait to engage with a sense of understanding that not everyone has all cash. Sell to individuals and families, not LLC's or corporations.

  14. It seems the housing affordability crisis wasn't a concern until it began effecting the the investor class.

  15. I like Zillow’s estimates. It was the reason we were able to refinance. The appraiser looked at the comparables, took Redfin’s then Zillow’s and valued our home the average or the two. Thanks Zestimate!

  16. No one has a crystal ball. I used to house flip in the 300 to 600 range 4 years ago.
    Everyone is guessing right now. If you are a single home buyer….you will never win by listening to forecasters.
    Do your own homework and research.
    What is correct is this madness is not sustainable eventually….and NOONE seems to learn from the past. We just came out of a depression with slightly different mechanics but the same result. If you buy high on low interest you will loose period.
    Eventually interest rates go up to cool off the fire.

    I believe the entire economy is going to tank this year…there is no federal money in the Treasury and this is common globally.

    When the sneeze hits this year there is nothing to keep us from catching phneumoni. The Treasury bills are over valued, the stock market reacts when someone sneezes .

    In any event it's necessary to put an end to this crazy greedy shit show.
    Good luck with your forecasting… 😂

  17. They, Zillow, are non-fundamentally propping up their Zestimates so they can take a minimal loss on the homes they are trying to sell. Anyone that bases or relays on Zillow for any sort of predictions have lost their marbles

  18. Such a joke. They "downgraded" to a nearly 15% annual price growth?? I am i CT and I am beginning to see some slight changes. More inventory and more houses in my lower price range. The levee is going to break.

  19. Glad to have found the number crunching. This crash is going to be sudden. Wait until taxes catch up with investors and rents cannot be raised. Rents are to starting to crash…

  20. Home prices and everything is going up.If your planning on a big purchase do it now if you can. Follow your heart ❤️.

  21. Zillow made a major mistake recently and overpaid for a boat load of houses, I don’t know if we should listen to their bull shit.

  22. I'm not sure if the data exists for this. It would be really interesting to see how the housing market performs based on cost. I suspect the homes on the low and high end will do really well and the bulk in the middle will have the biggest struggles.

  23. Strange how the supposed experts..
    Zillow in this case are just catching on or admitting what’s going on w housing …

  24. You've got the most level-headed and detailed reporting on the housing market that I've found on YouTube.

  25. Zillow's algorithms are again off just like they were for their IBuyer program! It's like the weather man coming on the air saying, "there is a 99% chance of no rain" yet when you look outside it's raining! The market is heading towards a crash and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to predict the obviously.

  26. Yeah I’m not paying double for a house that’s not worth that much to being with. People are out of their minds to pay these prices.

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